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Cansolidator Cupboard (20 Cans)


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The CanSolidator Cupboard is a sturdy, convenient way to store up to 20 cans. Featuring SmarTrac technology, the CanSolidator Cupboard is a front loading system that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. The CanSolidator Cupboard is expandable and stackable, allowing for easy can organization and storage. This is the perfect stand-alone solution for any small cupboard space.


Height : 24.5 cm 
Width: 42.5 cm
Depth: 26 cm
Capacity: 20 cans
Can Size: Up to 8.5 cm diameter

Features & Benefits

7 Stackable/Expandable
The Cansolidator Cupboard can be stacked vertically or expanded horizontally to maximize space and create the perfect set-up for your pantry.
4 Sits On Existing Shelving
Pantry shelves, Gorilla Racks, cold storage shelves--the Cansolidator Cupboard sits conveniently on any existing shelving that is at least 10.5 inches deep and 9.25 inches high.
1 Adjustable
Because the Cansolidator Cupboard is adjustable for can width it can easily rotate small mushroom and tuna cans up to larger fruit cans (20oz).

Independent Adjustability
When stacked, the above lying Cansolidator Cupboard tracks can be adjusted to any width of can, independent of what cans the below lying tracks have been adjusted to fit.

6 Rotation
By utilizing the first in first out concept so that your cans are constantly being rotated, there is no need to hassle with manually rotating your can again. Simply set your cans in the top entry and watch them roll around to the bottom.
8 Sturdy
Its rigid design gives the Cansolidator Cupboard added structural integrity to support a large amount of can weight, making it a long-lasting, durable solution to food storage.
Easy to Assemble
With simple snap-together components, the Cansolidator Cupboard can be assembled in a matter of minutes.
2 Compact
With the ability to store over 20 cans, the Cansolidator Cupboard will free up more storage space on your pantry shelves by consolidating your cans into a condensed area.


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